Monday, March 19, 2012

SHOGUN this time (not SUMO)

One of the not so popular divers in the Seiko JDM lineup is the Shogun, with the 6R15 caliber.

However I find the look of the Shogun more conventional - crown at 3 o'clock, chrome lined indices and a matt finish from the Diashield coated Titanium (supposedly increasing the scratch resistance of Titanium). The Shogun has drilled through lug holes, making it very easy to change straps. But I think what irks collectors most is the "monster-styled" hour and minute hands. The second-hand looks presentable though.

With a internet price of nearly twice the price of the steel Sumo, it is no wonder the Shogun is fading away.

Here is the same watch in different dial variation:

Can the Shogun last through 2012-2013 on Seiko's lineup? We shall see.


. said...

Give me a heads up if you ever consider flipping this piece. Cheers mate.

kohym said...

Thanks but as I write, she is on another person's wrist already :)

Anonymous said...

This watch is still indeed in Seiko's Japan Domestic lineup. In fact, I just bought one a few weeks ago in Kyoto. The Seiko guy at the shop told me they don't produce a huge number of them.