Saturday, March 14, 2015

Alpinist returns

Earlier had the 6R15 Alpinist but she did not stay long as this watch looks a tad small on straps. The original bracelet was discontinued back then. Recently one of the Japanese sellers restocked the Alpinist and the original bracelet was also made available for a short while; I did not hesitate to grab the Alpinst and the original bracelet. Now my Alpinist dream is complete!

The one that got away

Earlier bought the Explorer 1 but sold her to raise funds for my Daytona. Came to realise the Explorer is Rolex's most versatile and understated sports watch. I am glad I finally bought another Explorer 1 and I don't think I will let her go this time

Jet Marine Anadigital

Picked up this new-old-stock CITIZEN Jet Marine Anadigital, the kind of watch you will grab and go on a lazy Sunday. The gold accents are still crisp and sharp over the years!
Full stainless steel caseback and Made in Japan

Old School Digitals

Some classic old school Casios I picked up for fun. Reminds me the days I was a schoolboy peering through watch showcases hoping to own one back then. Nostalgia overload!
Good old "Light" function!
World Time - "007-style"