Sunday, January 2, 2011

This is what I call a Tool Watch

CITIZEN Professional Diver 300m
aka Eco-Zilla
Eco-drive Caliber B873
Titanium case
At my usual watch haunt, the shop owner gave me a very good price (that I could not refuse) for his last titanium Eco-Zilla. Lightweight and having the cool gun-metal professional look, I could not resist.
I was initially skeptical of the Ecozilla, thinking that the stock rubber strap will be very uncomfortable. But I was wrong! It wears so well and sits ever so balanced. Probably the light-weight plays a big part too. A very masculine watch with that professional tool look to it. The buckle is a double loop through making this watch very secured on the wrist. However it is slightly difficult to remove but not a show-stopper.

(this caliber picture belongs to "absolut beethoven" of SCWF dated 26-Dec-2006)


Unknown said...

I was just planning to get one myself and suddenly I saw this update on your this destiny? :d BTW, I am also a member (although mostly I just lurk) from WUS and SCWF.

Great pictures especially of the caliber. Mind telling me the price of the beast?

kohym said...

An easy watch to wear. I paid about US480 brand new at a brick and mortar shop. You should be able to get cheaper online.

The caliber pic is not mine, I found it on the net.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hi I'm planning to get an exact same piece and I stumbled on your blog too. Can you advice me on a good place to get one from a brick and mortar shop in sg?

kohym said...

You can try Bras Basah complex and The Bencoolen.

Niel Hugo said...

I have an ecozilla, lovely watch. Where can I find a replacement strap? I don't want to go with suppa adaptors, I want an original rubber strap.

kohym said...

Citizen Service Centre should have them in stock. Post a WTB on, the guys should be able to help source one for u.

NP said...

is this ecozilla still available around singapore watch shops? Bencoolen st stil have them in stock? Anyone saw this watch around, and retail price now?