Tuesday, November 19, 2013

CASIO Protrek - Digital Complication

Need I say more? Just enjoy the shots of this digital wrist "computer" - the PRG-240.
For me, telling the time is enough. But it still looks uber-cool to have this on the wrist! I am never a fan of digital quartz but this is so much fun.

An old friend returns...

I got this mint Tudor Black Bay in a trade. The Black Bay is not new to me as I had one earlier (also from a trade).
It seems I am given a second chance to enjoy the Black Bay all over again and I hope she will stay long.

Tudor Glamour Day-Date

I had a Tudor Black Bay and was impressed by its built. Although I have sold the Black Bay (but recently got one back in a trade), the Tudor brand was etched in me. No doubt Tudor uses standard ETA movements, this probably made the brand more affordable and future service will not be too hard on the wallet also.
As I was in the market for a dressier watch (after having too many Divers and Sport watches), I looked to the Tudor Glamour line. The full steel piece was an obvious choice. But when placed alongside the half-gold model with a thin gold bezel ring, the latter shines literally.
I may not be a fan of two-tone watches but I must say this one was executed perfectly, the steel and gold in perfect unison!

A tired Diver

I was browsing some watch shops in Lucky Plaza during lunch and saw this unassuming Citizen Diver NY-2300 in the showcase. Age has caught up with this watch as can be seen by the faded bezel insert - the red has turned pick. It is no wonder this watch sat quietly among the shinier and more high-tech Eco-Drives.
I asked to have a look and indeed this is an old piece which was still fully made in Japan at that time. The caseback and hologram sticker is a dead giveaway with the words "JAPAN" and "GN". I do not know what "GN" means but this is definitely consistent with the earlier Crystron and Aqualand series.
Of course the shopkeeper was happy someone finally bought this old tired Diver from his showcase, another Eco-Drive can now take over this spot!