Friday, March 2, 2012

A different layout of a 24H dial

My first 24H dial watch is the Chronomatic with "High Noon" (i.e. noon at 12 o'clock position). The Cosmonaute is also a 24H watch (with flyback chronograph also) but the noon is at 6 o'clock position and midnight is at 12 o'clock position. Different school of thoughts for this difference but both require getting used to before you can tell the time with a quick glance.

Black dial with white subdials and white sliderule chapter ring makes the Cosmonaute instantly recognisable from a distance.

Original white stitched black calf leather strap with original depoyant clasp. This type of clasp is easy to size but sometimes gets released easily. I am waiting for an off market replacement strap from Germany so that I can keep the original strap pristine!

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