Sunday, February 26, 2012

PAM Radiomir Black Seal

Having a PAM Base Luminor, the next-to-be-in-the-watchbox will be either a Radiomir or a Submersible or probably both if I am lucky. Well, I am half lucky to meet up (by accident) with a watch collector from Philippine who has a mint piece to let go.

An extract from the official website on the origins of the Radiomir Black Seal:

Created in 1938 for the Royal Italian Navy as the first Panerai watch, the Radiomir was characterized by its large size and water-resistant case, the legibility of the dial in immersion, its robustness in extreme use conditions, a reliable movement. Presented in 1997 in the Replica version, an edition limited to 60 units, the Radiomir became a rarity much sought after by collectors throughout the world for the restrained elegance of its design, with its cushion case, wire loop strap attachments and for the technical features of the used mechanisms: reliable haute horlogerie movements. Originally welded to the case, today the strap attachments are fixed by an exclusive system of screws (patented), developed by Panerai, which makes it very easy to change the strap.

The trademark wire loop strap attachment with the "OP" signed crown.

Elegant butterfly clasp complements this manly timepiece.

Comes complete with COSC certificate; and like we always love to put it: "She is well within COSC specs!"

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