Sunday, April 1, 2012

Milgauss GV

This is the first time I sold a watch faster than I could feature it in my blog!

I bought a brand new Rolex 116400GV Milgauss, the green sapphire version. It is a unique Rolex and definitely not "Rolex-y". After a week of wearing to the office, I decided to sell it as I find that the Milgauss is not very "me", she does not carry the character I am.

Do not be mistaken, the Milgauss is a beautiful timepiece - the matt charcoal grey black dial makes her a very versatile watch, able to alternate between dress and sport. The "lightning bolt" second hand is the most iconic part of the Milgauss. Together with the green tinge sapphire crystal, you have a winner.

Probably I am too used to watches with bezel insert. So a shiny bezel in the case of the Milgauss turns out to be the show-stopper for me.

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Anonymous said...

I have the same sentiments about the GV but the bezel in your pictures look brushed and does make the watch look nicer.