Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Navihawk "Blue Angels"

I first encountered this "busy looking" Citizen when I sold one of my watches. The buyer was wearing a Navihawk and I remembered the blue/yellow accents. I was told this watch took a fair deal of beating and yet it still looked presentable and works perfectly! After that encounter I forgot about the Navihawk for awhile as it was never in my cross-hair.

Recently I read somewhere about a fellow WIS's Navihawk and began researching into it, in particular this Blue Angels edition (If you do not happen to know, the Blue Angels is a US Navy F-18 Hornet Aerobatic team.). It seems that the Navihawk served many wearers well over the decade of her production. Probably I should get one and find out more. Another grab-and-go weekend watch!

In my opinion, the Navihawk trademark feature is her busy dial, with digital and analog display. The presence of the sliderule bezel made it busier but probably also made her more toolish (read "professional") looking. There is a world-time function that cycles easily through the major cities.

The marketing aspect here is the unique caseback showing the Blue Angels insignia. Something different from traditional casebacks.

[picture taken from the internet]

The C300 Caliber is a no-jewel metallic quartz movement. Note that the latest version of the Blue Angels is using the Eco-drive movement and has integrated lugs. Personally I prefer conventional quartz i.e. without the Kinetic or the Eco-drive. Simple battery works well for me when it comes to quartz calibers.

The clasp is double locking and the bracelet is of a solid stainless steel jubilee style, versatile with most outfits, any occasions.


bergkamp10 said...

Nice review,Koyhm!

Navihawk "Blue Angels" a definite keeper in my watch collection!

Was delighted when read on your purchase as we shared the amazing looking watch.

However, just noticed you are looking to sell this gorgeous piece. May I know why?


kohym said...

You should keep yours, my friend! It is a nice complicated timepiece, very iconic of the Citizen quartz.

I am selling mine as I do not have much chance to wear her in rotation with my Tunas :)

bergkamp10 said...

Looking at your huge collection, it's understandable.

It seems 'Blue Angels' is your only Citizen watch.You should at least keep one Citizen watch.

Try wearing it and sees whether it speaks to you,don't give up yet! I bet it will, for what it did to me :)

Hope you change your mind,Kohym!


kohym said...

Thanks bergkamp10 for kind words. I have landed myself an Aqualand, that's why! lol :)

bergkamp10 said...

That's why I have always enjoyed your watch-blog because you never fail to surprise me with every of your new addition, Kohym!
You have spilled your secret so I'll be expecting your post on your Aqualand soon.