Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Darth Tuna

This "Darth" Tuna needs no introduction. I already have the Tuna Emperor and also the SBBN007 Professional 300m. However I rarely wear my Tuna Emperor due to her thickness. So naturally I went on the hunt for the discountinued and venerated SBBN011 Darth Tuna. Some weeks ago I managed to locate a mint piece (full set) through a Hong Kong dealer.

What draws me to the SBBN series is the neat and tidy, no nonsense dial. Just the depth rating and the word "PROFESSIONAL". The Darth Tuna is part of the SEIKO Prospec series.

The monocoque case is made of ceramic coated titanium - lightweight and built like a tank's armour.

The iconic Tuna design, inspired by the barnacles found on sea rocks.

Black Beauty indeed, my Divers row is reaching full strength!

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faizal_tai said...

Do you want to sell this seiko diver,if you men it,let me know first....thnx