Sunday, August 21, 2011

A well maintained vintage piece

I was tasked by a UK collector to source for some Seiko Divers and the early Titanium Nitride plated "SQ Professional Divers 1000m" was on his "hit-list". Through sheer luck, a local collector was willing to part with his mint piece and so this beautiful 7C46-7009 came to my hands.

I brought her for a quick health check at K2 and all was ok! Fortunately Mr Goh kept one last piece of the NOS glass for me. With a new Seiko 5-year battery installed, she is ready to go!

Very rarely do you see a full complete mint set like this!

The shroud and buckle are all in pristine condition, what a find!

She is now with her new owner and I am proud to have made this happen and deeply thrilled to have held this beautiful yester-year Divers for a short while (for some photo-taking)!

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