Saturday, June 25, 2011

Breitling Chrono-Matic 24-H (Limited Edition)

The appeal of Breitling timepieces revolves around the "busy" pilot dial. When I had my first Breitling, a Chronomat, I somehow felt she wasn't too "Breitling" (some may diasgree) and sold her away shortly. Pateintly waiting for a correctly priced Navitimer or Cosmonaut, I chance upon the Chrono-Matic 24H, with a flyback chronograph.

This is a limited edition version, having only 25 pieces worldwide. The gold letterings on a black dial led by a striking red chrono hand just put everything together in perfect harmony. The brown leather with white stitchings completes the pilot look.

This being a 24-H dial layout does takes some getting used to when reading the time. The pic above actually shows the watch 10mins to four o'clock! It was fun turning our conventional time-telling around and does make a good conversation starter!


Anonymous said...

Nice bro, it must have cost you a bomb!

Anonymous said...

nice man easy to get along. two thumbs up for this guy clap clap

xrxnxj said...

a very nice gentleman and nice to talk too. thanks again for the trade loving your breitling flyback! awesome

xrxnxj said...

a very nice gentleman and nice to talk to. clap clap