Saturday, June 25, 2011

The (real) Submariner

Asians have the mindset of associating Rolex with status, so much so that the brand becomes a grail for WIS and non-WIS alike. In Singapore, the Rolex is one very common brand and is readily found brand new and pre-owned. My parents bought a pair of Rolex in their early years, likewise my sister, and many other relatives.

Probably I should also add an iconic Rolex to my collection. Naturally the Submariner and Sea-Dweller come to mind as I am a Dive watch lover. When a brand new Submariner came my way with a price that beats the AD hands down, I did not hesitate further and brought her home.

Full set complete with all papers, instruction booklet and hangtags, I am a Rollie Sub owner at last!

This is the original Submariner. If you read Rolex literature and catalog, this clean dial version is called "Submariner". The more common version we see in the wild is that with a date window with a bubble (or cyclops) on the glass, is called "Submariner Date". So strictly speaking, there is no such thing as a "No-date Submariner" - a misnomer by many people.

This clean dial (without the date) gives a more balanced look, creating a natural symmetry and aura. This was how the Submariner was born in 1954! The Submariner tradition and heritage is timeless in the Submariner.

True enough, I did not really like the "filmsy" Oyster bracelet. A 5-stripe "James Bond" NATO gives the Submariner her exotic appeal!

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its a beauty!