Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Singapore Watch Shops Revisited

Please see here on watch buying in Singapore (revised version).

Good luck and have fun!


JP said...


Thanks for the list; it helped me find a shop close to my conference.
I finally decided to buy a Sandoz Sub at Excellent Watch Co. The experience was great as I expected from your review.
Now I am back in the states and realize the watch does not have the drilled trough lug holes as I supposedly they should have.
Did the design change? Or did I get ripped of?
I'll appreciate if you can answer this this for me.


kohym said...

Hi JP,
I was at one of the watch shops at bras basah complex (very near to City Hall) last week and noticed a gentleman in suit with a conference tag. He was (coincidentally) looking at Sandoz! Could he be you??

Excellent Watch Co is reputable and I don't think you have been ripped off. Sam is an upright man in the industry so I am not worried. You may have paid a little more but for the ambience and service, I think it is ok.

As for drilled lugs or not, it is immaterial. Probably different batches will differ a little. My Sandoz were from Excellent Watch Co too and had no issues.

Hope you had a good time here, you should write to me earlier and we could meet up! Thanks.

Feel free to email me at : kymwatchlog@yahoo.com