Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Panda

SEIKO Automatic Chronograph 6138 "Panda"
Caliber 6138-8020 Twenty-one jewels
I chanced upon this very excellent condition 6138 Panda in a totally unsuspecting shop. This shop sells lightings, hardware, sanitary fittings etc and they have a small showcase that displays some old watches and parts.
When I handled this 6138 Panda, I was surprised that the chronograph function starts and stops sharply and the hands reset to a perfect zero in a snap! Very often, it is common to find most vintage Seiko chrono watches not being able to reset to zero.
After close inspection, the only part that needs to be changed is the rubber seals and some cleaning of the pusher buttons is in need. I swapped the metal bracelet for a pilot strap to give this watch a whole lease of life, the white stitchings match the white dial beautifully.

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Benjamin said...

very nice :) was trying to score one of ebay but a lil tuff. may I know where was this shop? and where is a gd recommendation to get straps for the vintage seikos?