Thursday, July 2, 2009

Another UFO Sighting

I sold my first 6138 UFO to a local collector and now another UFO is sighted (dated July 1972). I just could not let this one pass as the condition is excellent although the minute hand is a little chipped off.
The 6138 is a beautiful series, and since I already have a 6138 Panda, I thought maybe I should channel some energy (and funds) into this range. The other movement that I target to collect is some 6139.

This is how the 6138 UFO looked like in an early Seiko catalog (picture courtesy of another collector)

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Justin Block said...

Ever since I handled one of these in a market in Barcelona, I have lusted after one. I just picked up one off the Bay and it should be arriving any day!

Great post -- makes me anticipate it even more! Keep up the good work!