Thursday, July 2, 2009

The "Pepsi" Mako

ORIENT "Pepsi Mako" 200M
Caliber 469 Twenty-one jewels
After some hesitation, I decided to pull the trigger on a Pepsi Mako. I thought the blue on the pepsi bezel is the same shade of blue as the bezel of the Blue Mako, but I was wrong! The pepsi bezel looks more cheerful while the blue bezel looks more serious-business like.
I will save on the introduction of this watch. You know the Mako - solid stainless steel oyster bracelet and screw in crown.
I decided to keep the brand new steel bracelet as a spare and use a red-stitching black racing leather strap instead.

A lot of watch for the price tag so get yours today!
(PS: I have placed order for the "Black Mako". This range is rapidly gaining acceptance and popularity so much so that stock has run out!)

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popcorn said...

so you fished out a pepsi and the black is on the way. double happiness! congrats!