Thursday, August 9, 2012

My first Tudor - Black Bay

Launched in 2012, the Tudor Black Bay (and also the 500m rated Pelagos) generated a lot of excitement in the horlogy world. Tudor has gained reasonable success with the earlier launch of the Heritage Chronograph. It seems that Tudor has nailed it spot on with their reissue of yesteryear models.

The Black Bay has this vintage appeal that Tudor has successfully replicated from her vintage models. A dome raised crystal, golden letterings on a matt black dial and a burgundy red (read: discoloured black) bezel insert are retro touches added to this modern timepiece.

The Black Bay houses an ETA2824 movement. Some critics felt that this watch is overpriced due to the ETA engine. Some argued that the 2824 is a robust, low maintenance and accurate caliber.

Overall I am pleased with the Black Bay due to the versatile strap options, large retro style case and evergreen handsome looks. With a screw in crown and rated to 200m, she is good enough for my desk dives and pool swims!

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Anonymous said...

Hi, nice watch.. how much does it cost? I am thinking of getting one for myself..