Saturday, June 4, 2011

My 1st Breitling - The Chronomat

Breitling Chronomat Automatic

When JW put up this piece for sale, I thought it is a good opportunity to get my first Breitling. Breitling's icon is the Navitimer but I read that the Chronomat holds a significant place in Breitling's history. More can be read about here and here.

Although this Chronomat is preowned, the condition is like new for a watch that was purchaed in 2000. The previous owner took great pride and care of his watch as can be evidenced by the regular servicing done at the official Breitling Service Centre.

PS: I sold the Chronomat shortly after as I felt I needed a more "Breitling" Breitling. This is subjective as some collectors feel that the Chronomat also oozes the Breitling appeal. But I thought otherwise.


Marvin said...

Nice blog. I've been looking at jw's website is it really up to date with the watches they have?

(not from singapore) I'm looking to buy pilot/flieger watches(damasko particularly)

Marvin said...

Nice blog, been looking at your blog regularly since i saw it. More reviews.

btw is jw's site up to date with its inventory? because I'm hoping to buy a pilot/flieger watch(damasko particularly)

Thank you.

kohym said...

Yes, JW website is update one night before their next business day.