Saturday, June 4, 2011

Classic Pepsi design

SEIKO 7548-700B 150m Diver

I recently acquired a mint 7548 that looked as if it had sat in a time capsule since her first battery change in 1983 (watch was produced in Oct 1980). The previous owner change the original flat crystal to a dome glass, giving more depth to the dial.

The 7548 caliber is a high-torque, thermo-compensated 7-jewel quartz movement, unsurpassed by the newer quartz movements these days.

This acquisition spurred me to purchase (for the first time) a SKX009. I had the J-version before but sold it as I find the dial too busy with all the redundant wordings! Also I planned to wear my watches and the J-version was one of the drawer queens to go. Now I decided to go for a SKX009K and wear her as much as I will wear this 7548, this is the joy of the hobby: To collect, to admire and to wear.

Here is both of them side by side:

Kanji day wheel shown here as this 7548 was a Japan domestic model at that time, not exported overseas. The exported model had the letters "SQ" on the dial.

I specially requested the SKX009 be on president bracelet; a very comfortable and smart-looking alternative to the rubber strap or the more common jubilee bracelet.

The caseback of the 7548 shows the schedule for battery change. This also gives an indication of the age of the watch.

Somehow I always associated Pepsi bezels with Seiko. I remembered I pestered my father to buy me my first watch and I wanted a Seiko (that looked like the 7548); but I got a Casio instead :)

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