Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sea-gull Stopwatch

SEA-GULL 30-min Chronograph
Caliber 1907 Thirty-one jewels
Handwinding with 52-hours power reserve
When I bought my first Sea-gull, I knew it will not be the last. Shortly after I sold my first to a local collector, I garner additional funds for my next purchase.
I am a nostalgia kind of collector. Watches with the vintage-look and flavor of the yester-years attract me. When I spotted this simple Sea-gull Chronograph on a yellowish dial, I knew she is going to a keeper (for now).

The dial color radiates an aura of the old days. It seems like the watch has gone through the decades.

A domed sapphire crystal, Roman numerals, textured dial and an off-centre power reserve de-marche add elegance to this beautiful timepiece.

The big crown makes winding so smooth and buttery, much better than winding my Speedy Pro!

To add class to this watch, Sea-gull adopts a butterfly depoyant clasp.

Sapphire caseback shows off the intricate handwinding movement parts that powers this relatively simple no-nonsense timepiece. Another point to Team SEA-GULL!


Remedy said...

Hi Bro!

Long time no update! seems like you had consolidate your collections and not going to flip watches for a long time.

the guy who got the vintage citizen diver from you.

fungus said...

Wow! The caseback looks like some expensive European make.