Monday, May 16, 2011

I have been busy

Thank you to all who have wrote to me as it seems quiet at my Blog.

Two reasons for this:
(1) I was busy with office work and also community work so had to spend time with family whenever I can make time (pun not intended). So I can't update my blog so frequently (even though I had some watch purchases here and there) now.
(2) I noticed the formatting of Blogspot has changed and my presentation of watch info ran into some problems (compare my IWC post to the others and you can tell the difference). For a while, I was haggling on how to write. It is trivial but I am a detailed person so was kinda stuck.

I recent realised that my Blackberry takes beautiful wrist shots! Sharing some with you here, in the meantime, please bear with my sluggish updates!


Khairil said...

Hi Bro,
Quite some time since ur last post...Nice Glycine you hv over there:)

Khairil said...

It is quite sometime from ur last post...Nice GLYcine overthere:)