Sunday, February 20, 2011

Some shift in collection focus

Recently, I did a clean up of my current watch collection (again).
For my Japanese collection, I am still with the major brands - SEIKO, ORIENT and CITIZEN. My collection focus for SEIKO has always been in the Divers range which I feel SEIKO is a forerunner. My focus is on JDM Divers and certain iconic vintage ones. I also try to include the vintage chronograph family. Dwelling too deep into vintages means more money spent through trial and error and more time into research. As such, the furthest I go for vintage Seiko is the 6105 Diver and 6138 Chronograph. To achieve a balanced collection focus, I also added a dressy SARB031.

As for ORIENT, I kept, in my opinion, the iconic pieces like the Kingmaster, the blue-dial Rainbow Diver and a 60th Anniversary handwinder. Being a diver lover, who can resist the gold-tone ORIENT-STAR 300m?

CITIZEN has not been a priority for me as I felt the brand has evolved too fast and veering away from conventional curves. I have owned and sold several Ciitizen watches in my journey.
For SWISS Made, I have always been an ORIS fan. But as I grow in this hobby, I open my options for Swiss Made and cleared several pieces in my ORIS collection to make way for other brands. In the next few entries, I will share the iconic pieces that I recently purchased, namely, a GLYCINE, an OMEGA, an IWC and one PANERAI. I have decided to venture into higher end brands but try to just keep one flagship piece of each brand. Can you guess which models of each brand I acquired? ;)

An all-rounded collector should be open to all brands as we explore and grow in the world of Horology. I will also share a recent purchase which many may frown upon due to her "China Made" signature - The SEA-GULL.

So do stay tuned as I try to update the blog regularly. It is tough when I have a 15-month old toddler exploring around trying to get my attention (and my watches) as well!

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Anonymous said...

spotted the seagull @ king wah too. attractive price and good looks. looking forward to your review. am tempted to get one too :P