Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Rare Vintage "Coconut Tree"

PAGOL M6 Handwinder (NOS)
Caliber SW526 Twenty-one jewels
Incabloc - Antimagnetic - Waterproof

Sometime ago, I wrote about my vintage craze and one of my kills - the Pagol 1000. The condition of that Pagol 1000 was not perfect at 80% or so. As I cleared my vintage collection, I thought I will never buy another vintage timepiece but I spoke too early.
Take a look at this mint new-old-stock example I chanced upon at an old watch shop:

How can one resist when everything on this Pagol is mint and near perfect? It is as though you have walked into a watch shop in 1970 and bought her then and there. The protective enamel coat is still on the caseback unblemished.

The brushed stainless steel bracelet is spotless. Even the clasp, which is the scratch magnet of any watch, is clean.

The original gold crown signed Pagol's trademark - the Coconut Tree.

Even the inner clasp is stamped "Pagol", all original and no after-market parts!

Such a rare find is hard to come by so I grabbed it immediately, unaware that I did not have my loupe with me. But I am lucky - under the loupe, the ageing is consistent and not detrimental to the watch's cosmetic appearance. With a full wind, the movement is crisp and resonant with a good power reserve of close to 48 hours!

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