Sunday, January 18, 2009

This Seiko didn't quite warm up to me...

SEIKO Quartz Chronograph
Caliber 7T92-0CF0
1/20 second
Pilot's sliderule bezel

One hasty purchase in Nov 2008 and finally sold just a few days ago. My initial thought was to have a daily office wearing watch and decided to go quartz. I loved the oyster bracelet, the screw crown and the sliderule bezel but somehow, the dial layout did not grow on me even though I wore her daily to work. This is a no-nonsense watch but somehow, somewhere, something is "lacking" in me in this daily wearer.

I still baby her and kept her in as-new mint condition. Well, fortunately, she has found a new home in Denmark with an eager owner waiting. Now what do I wear to work?


Unknown said...

She has found a new home indeed, and I promise I will take good care of her! =)

kohym said...

she is all yours, my friend. hope we deal again soon :) thank u..