Sunday, January 11, 2009

SUS Chronograph

Caliber 7T52-6B00
1/100 second

Although not a true quartz fan myself, I was fascinated by the super-fast spinning 1/100 sec hand at the 12 o'clock dial! You can view an ultra slow-motion video on Youtube here. To my understanding, the 7T52 is a discontinued caliber and this line belongs to the SUS series (note the "S" at 3 o'clock).

Note the "Made In Japan" on the steel caseback. This watch is one "fully made and assembled in Japan" which are getting hard to find these days. The blue wordings contrast perfectly against the white dial.

Thanks to the watch maker who has keep this watch carefully in his safe, I am able to have it NOS with faded brown manual and hang tag.

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