Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Last (Seiko) Samurai

SEIKO Prospex 200m Scuba Diver
Caliber 7S25-00D0
Air Diver's 200M Titanium

I seldom buy watches over the internet but this purchase is crucial.
Seiko has recently ceased the production the Japan-made 200M Titanium Diver, also known as the "Samurai" in the watch world. In Singapore, I can only find the stainless steel version which is not as "Samurai-y" as her Japan counterpart. Fortunately, I found one on Seiko5ers at a good price - Thank you, Mr. Boris Leung, a respected seller so buy with confidence!
The parcel came promptly via EMS from Hong Kong and here was the full suite:

This is my first Titanium watch and I intend to keep her as a collection piece.
Titanium feels real light and takes some getting use to the weight. It also feels warm to the human skin due to the low thermal conductivity. The lacklustre appearance gives her a stealth gun-metal look. Titanium is also highly resistant to corrosion, non-reactive and durable (with the highest strength-to-weight ratio of all metals).

Overall a watch built like a tank to withstand the merciless elements of Nature!


Anonymous said...

I picked up a Samurai from Boris a couple of weeks ago,and even before i heard of the discontinuation of this watch.I am so glad i did.Enjoy your Sami,cause i sure am.It is such a comfortable watch to wear.Now for the last 2 weeks it's been around 7 seconds a day fast.So i think right on target..Take care

kohym said...

thanks, it is a great watch but i am keeping it unworn in my collection...for the time being... :)

Johnny said...

I am dying to have one Samurai. pls help me out. I have some seiko diver's but i wana live my lifetime owing one Samurai. Thanks! Jonathan

Unknown said...

I am looking for this Seiko watch, "Samurai Black".
I have been seeking by internet, but no stock !
Can you tell me if you have any ideas about it ?
I really want this watch...

P.S. I am from Japan.. haha...

Bob in Victoria,Texas said...

Loved my Ti Samari Orange face SBDA005, was bought in Singapore 2005 for $225. She was beautiful, strong and light,but always lost time;up to two minutes per day. So I sent her into SCA,Seiko Corporation of America, Mahwah NJ, for repair in May. They lost it/or it was stolen. Have insured delivery confirmation documented. Am now haggling for a replacement or compensation. They are resisting. Nothing out there has the look of these watches! Will Seiko ever put them back into production? Why did they stop? Never offered in America.

William said...

I bought a Seiko Samurai when I lived in Japan when visiting Akihabara, Tokyo. As soon as I saw it I liked it. I bought it back in 2005. I didn’t know it was such a great watch at first but loved it’s feel durability and looks. I’ve taken it mountain climbing, free diving and SCUBA. It’s warn and scratched and still looks great; just the way I like it! In late 2006 I bought the Seiko Prospec Landmaster ´Sumitter´. The Samurai was shelved for about 7 years. Then this year I took to my buddy who is a watch smith and he got it super accurate, I only need to set the time once every 3-4 weeks by about 30 seconds to a minute, sometimes not at all. I don’t know why but I’ve fallen for the Samurai again. Love waring it and looking at it, despite the Land Master ´Summiter’ being $1100.00 watch.
Love my Samurai and all the scratches and ware marks. Plus it looks great along side my benchmade emissary folding knife. I’ll have this watch to the end of my days.