Sunday, December 7, 2008

The White Dolphin

ORIENT Divers 200M "Dolphin"
Caliber 46D 21 jewels

I seldom see a white, really white dial diver. The clean look of this Orient appealed to me. The red tipped second hand and the red "200m" wording add a nice touch. However a blue bezel plus a white dial is a challenging task to match straps. Looks like only a steel color will do and so comes this mesh bracelet.

I gave the name "Dolphin" as there are a pair of dolphins insignia on the caseback with the number "200". I read in a particular forum that the Dolphin is an ISO-rated diver. Even the Mako is not ISO-rated. How correct is this statement I am not exactly sure as I am no diver myself. However one can trust the water rating as both the Mako and the Dolphin have screw-in crowns.
This is the first time I encounter this caseback pattern of two dolphins. Most Orient casebacks are either clear or bear the Orient logo.

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