Monday, December 8, 2008

An "Automatic Winder"

ORIS Chronograph Automatic Winder (NOS)
Caliber 7415 (?) Seventeen jewels
Textured black dial

I was caught between the white dial and the black version. Finally I bought the black as it looked more evergreen and easier match with off-market straps.
It is unusual to see the words "Automatic Winder" on an Oris dial and I understand from the watchmaker this being an early model, as seen from the plain golden rotor. The president-like stainless steel bracelet has plished centre links giving this watch a business elegant look.

The gold plated pushers compliment the gold bezel, the gold hands and the gold indices perfectly. Black & gold - an unfallible combination!


Anonymous said...

Congrats - nice piece of Swiss fine watch making! I have two of this model in two different designs. This Chronograph was produced abt. 1990 to 1995.

Unknown said...

do you have any idea what this watch is worth. i just received one for my birthday/ any help would greatly appreciated thank you .

kohym said...

A.J., please drop me an email on this (include a pic of the Oris if u can). Not convenient to talk $$$ in public.

Sweet Eshleman Marie said...

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