Saturday, December 6, 2008


Caliber 633 Twenty five jewels
40mm diameter dress watch

I have two pieces of the XXL series. The XXL line has been discontinued so I reckoned it will be beneficial to have them in my collection. The XXL Date was the first Oris XXL that I purchased. I have a weakness for full arabic numerals and this watch suits my desires.

The XXL date comes with a steel bracelet but I thought it will look more classic in brown leather. The 20mm lug proved to be challenging as in actual fact, it is 21mm! Having a 20mm leather strap will reveal the spring bars slightly

Overall a watch that has presence!

Once again, silver rotor! In my quest for Oris watches to add to my collction, one of my guiding criteria is to locate Oris watches without the red rotor.

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