Saturday, December 6, 2008

ORIS XXL Chronograph

ORIS XXL Chronograph
Caliber 675 Twenty five jewels
44mm diameter with Day date

I had initially wanted to buy the BC3 Chronograph Date. However upon inspection using my 20x loupe, the lume was cracked unfortunately. Being a true WIS, I must spend my watch proceeds (I had earlier sold another watch) on another watch. The massive XXL series caught my eye as it bear a very slight resemblance to an IWC Spitfire.
The watchmaker told me it is a discontinued model and being an ardent Oris fan, I have to have it in my collection!

Note the silver rotor. Newer Oris are fitted with their trademark red rotor. The earlier models have either the steel caseback, silver rotor or the gold rotor for even earlier models.

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