Sunday, November 16, 2008


SEIKO5 Superior Automatic - Steel
Caliber 7S55-0020 Twenty-three jewels
Water 50M Resist

I purchased two of the Seiko5 Superior - Full steel and Two-tone. Both have the same jewel count and solid stainless steel bracelet. However, take note that the Water Resistance states one as "50M" (S.I. units) and the other as "5BAR" (Imperial units) yet both means the same thing.
The current "Superior" line has the word "SUPERIOR" in caps. The earlier version has the word "Superior" in normal case. I am particularly drawn to the fixed jagged bezel of this full steel version. A simple design touch is the black date wheel.

This is the only 7S55A in my collection. The most noticeable cosmetic difference is the "machined" stripes and the red movement markings on the rotor wheel.

SEIKO5 Superior Automatic - Steel

Caliber 7S36-0030 Twenty-three jewels
Water 5BAR Resist

This two-tone version has the 7S36 movement. The unique touches on her are the bezel detailing at 3 0'clock and 9 o'clock positions. On closer inspection, you will notice the textured white dial somewhat similar to a golf ball's surface!

Note the Seiko5 Superior "Lion" emblem on the steel caseback unlike the current Seikos with clear caseback. Seiko uses many animals for her earlier casebacks. I have come across the "Sea lion" and the "Dolphin". Another common pictorial representation is the "Tsunami wave" found behind the 200M Divers.

Here is another Superior similar to the two-tone. Notice the brown color on the outer circumference of the dial. Is this beautiful "fading" due to ageing or done for design reasons? I bought this used watch from an old watchmaker and sold it after I bought the above two Superiors. So that is enough Superior presence for my collection!

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