Saturday, November 29, 2008

An old Fabre-Leuba "Daymatic"

Recently I brought my Aunt's old broken Fabre-Leuba for repair at K2 Watch Co. The hands had came off, the crystal badly scratched and water has entered the movement. After a week of "spa", this old watch regained her former glory with a new tanned lizard strap.

There are the words "Sun & Sand" above 6 o'clock position. However, this watch is not meant to take a beating in the surf! The watchmaker cautioned me on the water resistance of this watch due to her age.

The watchmaker pointed out something odd about this watch - it had a Titoni signed crown?! I checked with my Aunt and she was somewhat sure she had not serviced the watch before. So how did a Titoni crown land on a Fabre-Leuba watch?


Alejandro said...

WOW, what a nice and comprehensive collection!!

kohym said...

thanks for the support!