Sunday, August 10, 2008

My First Orient - The Black Mako

ORIENT Black Mako
Caliber 469 Twenty-One Jewels
200m Water Resist
Screw crown
Solid Stainless Steel Oyster bracelet

I bought my first Orient during the period 2005/2006. It was a black (more a matt dark charcoal grey) dial ORIENT Automatic 200m, also known as the "Mako". The Mako is a tough reliable watch and I wore it as a real beater - for swimming, for gym, for work, for play etc. And it stood up to expectations. The 469 starts up the moment I picked up the watch to set the time. This watch had a very strong lume and a heavy duty oyster bracelet. Later in the years, I put her on a black leather strap and she was still as stunning. This beater watch is now in her new home across the globe.

Here is a pic I borrowed from the Web, showing the Caliber 469, the solid stainless steel oyster bracelet and fat spring bar.


Anonymous said...

your rave reviews of the Mako and also inputs from other Orient sites which gave it high marks has also 'converted' me into a believer

Noticed it at an outlet and got an instant liking due to its rugged appearance especially the bezel design which is a thin rim and inconspicuous (reminds me of the Omega Seamaster)

Bought it a week ago and it has been my daily beater since then


Anonymous said...

Correction ... the bezel is more like the Rolex Submariner


Anonymous said...

This watch is really great and it's truly worth it! Since I bought it in octomber 2007, it stood up to all of my expectations!It's tough, reliable and very good looking. Anyway, it's my favorite brand!

Anonymous said...

Nice blog you have here.
I bought a black mako with rubber strap 2 years ago and my crystal seems to be clouded. I don't know why but some say it is from the lubricant. I do not think it's caused by moisture seeping from outside. Do you have the same experience? Maybe I should open it up to get the crystal cleaned. My second orient (dress model) also suffers from the same problem but not so severe.

kohym said...

i had this problem before on one of my Orients. just get a pro to open the case and clean up the inside of the glass, then it will be ok.