Sunday, August 10, 2008

Some ORIENTS previously owned

Some ORIENTS I have bought and sold over the fora. During that time, my collection focus was blurred so I did not expect to streamline into Orient watches. Had I known, would I have sold these watches? Well, maybe not but what has been done cannot be undone! Here are the pics I keep as a memo.

ORIENT Railroad Power Reserve
I will buy this watch again soon as I just love Arabic numbered dial! The off-white textured dial is beautiful with the printed Arabic numerals.

ORIENT SK 3-Star Vintage Diver (NOS)
I had three of these so I sold one to a lady in United States. She was thrilled and emailed me this pic. Wear it in good health, Pam!

This is one of my touch-&-go watch. I bought it without much thought and decided it was too heavy for my small wrist even after I changed into a leather strap. So off she went to a new owner.

ORIENT Pointer Day 24h Pointer
This was my dad's first Orient and he wore it everyday as his beater. This was a beatifully made watch with textured dial and blued hands. One day, I hope to buy it again BNIB for collection purpose.

ORIENT "Explorer"
I bought this watch for my uncle as his daily beater. Don't be fooled by the simple classic design - it is a hardy watch! You can see that solid stainless steel oyster bracelet built for a tank!

ORIENT Pointer Date Power Reserve
This watch was a gift to me from a close friend. Again, it was too heavy and the lugs are semi-integrated thus making future strap change difficult. Sold to a fine gentleman who wore it handsomely!

ORIENT Multi Calendar (NOS)
I had two of these and sold one to a Swiss buyer. I am proud that Asian watches stand tall and highly sought after even in Europe and Switzerland!

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