Thursday, May 10, 2012

Falling in love again

As I got very involved in watches, many came and went. Most WIS like me will remember "the watch that started this madness". For me it is this Tissot Le Locle I bought brand new from Swiss Union in Kuala Lumpur in 2006-2007. I knew I wanted a nice watch after I got my first bonus of SGD2,200 as an engineer and after reading pages after pages on Timezone, Watchuseek and PMWF watch forums. I remember that time I wanted either a Ball or a Tag Heuer. Finally I decided on the Tag Heuer Carrera and since I was travelling to Malaysia then, I thought it will be good to take advantage of the currency exchange and the slightly cheaper prices of goods in that country. In the end I was sold by the Tissot Le Locle and took her home instead of the Carrera.
The Tissot is a beautiful subtle watch and does not have lume on her hands and indices and was dressier than the Carrera. My wife bought a PR50 quartz and I bought one for my mother too. Not bad with all the money saved! Yesterday I took my Tissot out and replaced back the shiny stainless steel bracelet. Viola! It brought back memories and the same warm fuzzy feeling when I first saw her in the showcase. When I put the Tissot together with my other timepieces, I knew I came a long way to arrive at this collection. I never forget the one which started it all.

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Anonymous said...

Oh man, u have so many watches, sold quite alot too. I am also an engineer started working about the same time as u but i only gotten myself a milgauss few months ago. Do u lose money everytime u sell a watch? Cus the transaction that went through must have cost alottttttttt, wow