Sunday, January 22, 2012

A timeless classic

I think most people started wearing a Casio when they started wearing watches. It is no surprise as Casio watches are one of the most durable timekeepers around and at less than $100 for a basic piece, it is a bargain.

My first watch was a Casio. When I entered the Army, I bought a Casio Mud-Resist G-Shock. It went through the sun, the sea and the sand and finally gave way, not because the quartz module failed but, due to a broken strap. I don't know where I threw it now but I am sure it is still ticking!

Recently I bought a re-issue classic G-Shock. The same timeless design and reliability. It is still a Casio Japanese quartz movement but now cased in China, due to costing. With the gold accents, it still ooze the old time retro charm. Another grab-and-go watch for the weekend!

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