Sunday, December 25, 2011

20 July 1969

The Omega Moonwatch is an iconic watch and the Speedmaster has a loyal following. With so many limited edition and mission watches in the Moonwatch lineage, it is impossible to acquire all of them.

One of the most classic looking piece is this rare 35th Anniversary piece. I bought this from a Speedmaster collector. The 35th Anniversary has the "Paul Newman" look with black subdials against an off-white dial. This is one of the dressier Speedmasters I see around.

Extracted from Omega official news release:

The Speedmaster Professional 35th Moon Landing Anniversary Edition

Whilst every prestige watch manufacturer looks forward to celebrating an anniversary of one of its timepieces, only Omega can celebrate an anniversary that made one of its watches a legend. On 20 July 2004, it will be 35 years since mankind took its first steps on the moon. And it is thanks to the Omega Speedmaster that we can say he did so at 02:56.20 GMT precisely. Thanks to this unforgettable moment, but more importantly thanks to the expertise and reliability that led to the Speedmaster being selected for manned spaceflight missions in the first place, the Speedmaster Professional Chronograph remains as popular today as ever, with ardent fans and collectors always on the look-out for that special model...

It is a pity our local climate is detrimental to early Omega boxes like the one above, causing the surface to flak easily.

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