Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Finally my own Golden Tuna!

When I sourced a Golden Tuna SQ for my friend Andy, I thought these 1000m rated Divers are really armed to the teeth for diving - a monocoque case, 1000m water resistant, ceramic Ti case and an evergreen "Tuna can" design. If I can, I should have one nice piece too!

Recently there were collectors talking about the Golden Tuna being reissued in Taiwan. I immediately linked up with my Taiwan collector friend. After some phone calls to Seiko Taiwan AD and some brick and mortar shops, he finally tracked down and secured one brand new piece in Tai Chung. The watch was couriered from Tai Chung to Taipei and finally to Singapore!

As I un-box this rare reissue, I was so excited and proud to finally complete my mini Tuna collection - the All Steel 007, the Classic 015, the Darth Tuna and finally this Golden Tuna!

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