Sunday, October 30, 2011

Citizen Aqualand Re-issue

I used to have a pre-owned 1st generation Aqualand but later sold it as I was not so much into Citizen quartz and not want to have one which is too "vintage" as parts are difficult to find for the 1st Gen series.

I think people either love or hate the look of a Aqualand. To me, nothing gets more "toolish" or "gadgety" as the Aqualands. The depth sensor on the left side reminds me of a hidden microphone for secret agents to communicate, a mix of 007 and Dick Tracy!

I met up with a fellow collector, Yeoman, who shared with me the details that the Citizen watchmakers put into their design -

(1) Reinforced holes with steel where the springbars go through. This further strengthen the hole against wear and tear caused by the springbar.

(2)Fabric infused rubber strap as a last line of defence when the rubber strap fails. This picture is taken from Yeoman's blog.

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