Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Yellow Revolver

ORIENT STAR 200m aka "Revolver"
Caliber 46N4A Twenty one jewels
40 hours power reserve
Air Diver rated 200m

Some months back I bought the OS300 but sold it to another collector as it was too big for my 6.5in wrist. Somehow the OS300 did not grow on me, sadly.
Recently I re-visited reviews on this OS200 aka "Revolver" due to the unconventional bezel design. Some collectors hate the bezel to the core yet some just love it! I thought with this funky steel bezel and a bright yellow dial, I could pull it off easily so decided to order one in time for my birthday. Till the writing of this post, I did not regret this purchase so hopefully we have a keeper here.

I put on a yellow lined black racing leather strap to further enhance the "yellow" of this watch. The original steel bracelet is substantial but did not quite achieve the "funky yellow" feel I wanted.

A signed crown and drilled through lug holes, standard to the OS diver series.

This is the reliable, no nonsense, undecorated Caliber 46 (picture from the Net) of the OS200. It is using the same movement as in its 300m Big brother. Some collectors argued that the price difference between the two is far too big to justify as both are using the same movement.

Here is an iPhone3 taken wrist shot.


marc said...

Hi there,

Great watch blog. great watches!

did you get your revolver from a shop in SG? if so, appreciate if you could share the shop you got it from, and the price, if possible.
If you got it online, where did you get it from and did you have to pay gst when it arrived?

Many thanks in advance!

kohym said...

Hi Marc,
Pl email me or SMS 93898685. I think I can give you a useful lead, thanks.

Unknown said...


it's awsome watch blog!

can i get some address about the strap that shows above? (black and yellow sided)

i really wanna get that one :(

thanks in advance!

- Steven