Sunday, September 12, 2010

No more setting the Date!

SEIKO Perpetual Calendar Scuba 200
Caliber 8F35-00A0 Eight jewels (I think)
Perpetual calendar till Year 2100
ISO certified Air Diver

It took me a long time to decide on this Diver, the most difficult hurdle being her slightly smaller size compared to the SKX Diver. In the end, I am glad my not-so-huge wrist managed her well!
The 8F35 is one of the best hidden secret in the Seiko quartz world. This caliber's accuracy and thermo-compensated module make her one of the most affordable HEQ (High End Quartz). Some of your famous Swiss brands quartz dwarf beside the 8F35. With Perpetual Calendar means you only need to set the date once and it will auto-correct up to year 2100! (if this baby can last till then!)

Currently she is on a 8-year battery and the next battery change will be in 2018!

A true Diver with snap out diver's wetsuit extension!


cheong keat said...

How do you feel about the level of shine of the bracelet and case compared to the skx779's?

The only thing that is stopping me is whether if this watch is too blingy like the my skx779.

kohym said...

This watch definitely not blingy and the bracelet is matt.
It is a tool watch and serves its purpose.

Theodore said...

I can say the watch is veery accurate.We talk about 4-5 sec in a 6 month period.
I am very satisfied,laughing with those guys,that give their hard earned money to acquire a Swiss made automatic,which loses about 2 minutes in a month period.