Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Another classic range discontinued

SEIKO Spirit
Caliber 6R15-00A0
23 jewels
Handwinding and automatic with hacking

When I got to know of news that the Spirit series have been discontinued with effect from end March, I wasted no more time and placed my order with Seiya Japan. Both watches arrived safely but were unfortunately slapped with GST charges.
When I held the watches in my hands, I was amazed by the fine worksmanship and quality of these Japan Domestic Models (JDM for short). The handwinding is smooth without the grinding noise and the hacking is a useful feature for synchronising time.
I decided to change the bracelets to leather straps to bring out the vintage classic flavor, and I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that the Spirit uses solid endlinks! This is really a lot of watch for the money and I am glad I did not hesitate this time (I missed the chance on the Blue Spark earlier).
And did I mention that this range comes in sapphire glass? Another point to Seiko!


Anonymous said...

Sorry, beautiful straps those you use. Which brand are they? Thanks

kohym said...

The brand name is: PAROS

trader said...

nice choice! i got the black faced seiko spirit, and am wearing it with a brown leather Paros strap. am finding it a little too dark though. wish i got the white faced one.