Monday, March 15, 2010

Seymour Powell Design

CASIO Overland AW-900
Module 748
Seymour Powell Design

I bought this watch for it is a handsomely made ana-digital; and quite an attractive Casio timepiece. Check out the "Japan" stamped stainless steel caseback!
But who is Seymour Powell? A quick search on the internet yielded this from
"This prominent British product design partnership was founded by advertising designer Richard Seymour and industrial designer Dick Powell and subsequently established a sound reputation for the innovative and forward-looking design of many products for leading British and overseas manufacturers. Much of their work is not for public consumption as it is geared to developing future strategies for companies and brands, often several years from the present day. Amongst such clients is the Renault automobile company, for whom Seymour Powell produced advanced interior concepts for more than a decade. Amongst the best-known products designed in their London studio have been the seminal Freeline, the world's first cordless kettle (1986) for Tefal, the BSA Bantam motor cycle (1994), the Baby G watches for Casio (1996), sports cameras for Minolta (1998), and a bagless vacuum cleaner for Rowenta (2001) developed from the air intakes of desert helicopters. Other significant clients have included BMW, Nokia, Clairol, ICI, Ideal Standard, Panasonic, Yamaha, and Ford's Premier Automobile Division, showing Seymour Powell's F350 Concept Super Truck (2001) at the Detroit Motor Show of 2002. They have also won several design awards including a Design Week Award (1990), a D&AD Silver Award (1991), and a BBC Design Award (1994). Both partners have also been actively involved in promotion of design and the design profession with a wide range of inputs in design and business circles, design journalism, and broadcasting. Seymour and Powell have attracted wider public attention through their television work, most notably programmes such as the six-part Better by Design Series (2000, produced by Channel 4 TV in conjunction with the Design Council), which focused on the advantages that could accrue from a fresh appraisal of everyday products such as kitchen bins, shopping trolleys, and razors. One such case study concept, the Bio-form bra for Charnos, became a best-seller in the lead up to Christmas 2000. Richard Seymour also became president of the D&AD Association in 1998, delivering a Presidential Lecture on ‘The Road to Hell’ in 2001."

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