Sunday, February 7, 2010

1st Generation Citizen Aqualand

CITIZEN Aqualand
Caliber C020
Water Resist 200m

In the watch community are some collectors who go for Aqualands. Initially I thought what the hype is about for a digi-analog watch with an ugly bulge on the side!
When I was given an accidental chance to handle one first generation Aqualand, I was blown away by the finishing and robustness of this watch. This piece was purchased pre-owned at a very good price and showed some "battle" or dive scars that give this tool watch the character it has.
This watch has gone through a full service and overhaul by Citizen Watch Co Singapore and should last another good 10 years perhaps!

The below picture is taken from the internet and shows the similar caliber C022. The C02 caliber is driven by 3 batteries in a full metallic quartz module.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the great blog! I found a pristine 1st edition green dial Aqualand. However the digital module is out and Citizen says they don't service it. Any ideas of finding one? Thanks!