Sunday, November 8, 2009

This completes my 7A38 collection (for now)

SEIKO Quartz Chronograph Day-Date (NOS)
Caliber 7A38-7280 Fifteen Jewels
Dated: December 1987

I was browsing my blog and discovered I left out a 7A38 writeup. This 7A38-7280 houses the same 15 jewels full metal quartz movement as the 7190 that is currently in my collection.

The 7280 has a beautiful enamel like white dial with cursive arabic numerals making her an evergreen classic. The gold accent further enhances the vintage feel of this watch.

Stamped "Japan" caseback marks the distinctive Japanese quality of that era. Now I have two pieces of complete set new-old-stock 7A38, I think I will stop for now for this series.

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Unknown said...

hi, do you want to sell the white dial one?