Sunday, November 15, 2009

As the Year of the Ox comes to an end, a Bullhead arrives!

SEIKO Automatic Chronograph
Caliber 6138-0049 Twenty-one jewels
Bullhead design with crown and pusher buttons arranged vertically
Dated: February 1978
Finally chanced upon this Seiko Bullhead at K2. I have always wanted to add a Bullhead to my 6138 collection and even though this brown version is less rare than her black counterpart, I am not complaining. The overall dial and bezel was in very good condition and it is hard to find Bullheads, let alone in pristine condition. The original Seiko fishbone stainless steel bracelet has all the links and the condition very good.
Unfortunately, the crystal was badly scratched and the hands went through a failed re-lume effort. I placed my reservation with Mr. Goh who kindly kept this watch for me while I await shipment of the glass and hands.
The glass came from Jonathan (United States) aka Swedefreak. Jonathan manufactures to exact specifications the discontinued parts of the Seiko watches. His mineral crystal fitted like a glove and even my watchmaker was impressed!
The new-old-stock original Seiko minute and hour hands came from Hans (Malaysia) aka Seikokaki. I have bought NOS hands from Hans before and all were perfect.Finally after 2 weeks of waiting, the parts came and Mr. Goh presented to me a "brand new" Bullhead. The clean crystal brings out the excellent condition of the dial!

I chose to wear with a white stitched brown leather strap to bring out the "Racer" appearance of the Bullhead! I am very pleased with this acquisition and restoration project. Thanks to Mr. Goh, Jonathan and Hans who made this happen.


Anonymous said...

congrats kohym!
i was talking to mr goh about that bullhead - he relume wasnt very well done.
but looks like u cleaned it up nicely!

Amani Andra said...

One my favorite in Seiko generation.