Friday, October 16, 2009

Cool Vintage "Dick Tracy-like" LC Watch

My usual watch hunting ground for vintage watches brought me face-to-face with this Citizen Quartz Crystron LC watch with chronograph dual time. Looks like a Dick Tracy gadget watch! Very secret agent flavor to it. This piece is new-old-stock with hangtags, brown from years of humidity.
An interesting feature of LCD watches from this era is the battery case cover which is on the outside of the caseback (like the Swatch).


Anonymous said...

i'm looking for this watch. I have one but I don't know where and when I lose the battery cover. Do you know where i can found it? or it's better to buy a new citicen watch

kohym said...

it is very hard to find. i found mine in an old watch shop. parts have also run out i believe. whether or not to buy a new citizen watch depends whether you can find out you like and will wear... good luck my friend :)

Anonymous said...

I purchased one of these watches new and soon replaced it with another citizens watch with ana-dig and temp. I put the first watch, (the same one as you have displayed), into my collection and forgot about it. Recently I came back across the watch and gave it to my father who loves the older digital watches. I can not find the owners manual for it and can not remember how to change the display from military time, (24hr) back to the regular 12 hour display. Can someone either help me locate a manual or instruct me how to set the watch to 12 hour displays?