Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Equation is about to be complete

(This adds on to my earlier post on the 8M series )
At 2 different locations that still carry some new-old-stock early Seiko quartz, I spotted 2 fine examples of the 8M32 - the Sports Timer Gold and the Soccer Timer.
SEIKO Quartz Chronograph
Sports Timer Gold-rimmed version (NOS)
Caliber 8M32-8030

The gold plated bezel, gold plated crown and gold plated push buttons add to the sporty-elegance of this early Japanese quartz. I am indeed fortunate to find this rare complete set with original Seiko leather strap, dated 1-year warranty (valid till July 2010) and the instruction manual.
SEIKO Quartz Chronograph Soccer Timer (NOS)
Caliber 8M32-8010
Found this watch (head only) in an old watch shop located in the central business district. Watches like these will not make passer-by stop to take another look, unless of course he is a collector. I am glad I stop to have a second look! A pity it does not have any papers nor the original Seiko strap. But I am quick to buy an original Seiko green waterproof leather strap (also a new old stock piece) from another hideout. This watch is after all a "Sports 150" series meant for getting wet!


Anonymous said...

Hello, my father just handled me down his seiko soccer timer "mexico 86" special edition, it has black dial with green outer rim and red accents with blach veser and black leather strap. It's just stunning!

Anonymous said...

I have one, in black with a black silicon strap, and I use it for refereeing - it is fantastic! I also have the box and the instructions!