Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Flying Jumbo

SEIKO Automatic Chronograph 6138 "Jumbo"
Caliber 6138-3000 Twenty-One jewels
Dated: April 1972
This 6138 got the nickname "Jumbo" due to her massive case size. It is a minimalist classic design suitable for all day wearing. The striking yellow hands on a matt black dial is a lethal combi that stopped me in my tracks, I just have to have her! A unique feature is the layered dial - note the center portion of the dial is recessed or made lower than the outer portion of the dial. This gives depth to the overall look and adds on to the massive feel of this 6138.
I also learnt today that it is very unhealthy to keep stopping and resetting the chrono. The flying back force of the chrono hand when reset to zero slowly wears the pivot and affects the alignment of the hand. So the best way to wear the 6138 is to have the chrono always running (to dis-engage the vertical clutch wheel) and stop playing with the flyback (I know it is fun to watch but exercise restrain!) if you want to pass your 6138 to the next generation that is!


Bruce said...

Do you meant that's it's best for the watch to have the stopwatch always in motion?

If so, does that apply to ALL chronographs?

kohym said...

From my understanding, this applies to Seiko Auto Chronograph only.

For Swiss Made, it is best to leave the chrono OFF.