Friday, June 12, 2009

Utility Companion Watch

Recently I took up golf and used to wear my Seiko 7N42 Ti Sports 200 to the driving range. It was a easy to wear watch with a screw crown and feels like feather on the wrist. However I sold the 7N42 a month ago and was left without a utility watch, or some may call it a beater watch. But I don't really beat up my watch so I thought the word "utility" is more appropriate. So started the search for my Utility Companion Watch.
I spotted this new-old-stock Citizen Quartz at K2 a fortnight ago but did not pull the trigger. I was there today and decided to go for it since the price was acceptable. Mr. Goh installed a new battery and I caught sight of the full metallic parts of the quartz movement. This is a fully made in Japan piece and so the quality was exceptional - brushed and polished steel surface, solid stainless steel bracelet and fine gold-plated finishing.

I simply admired these yesteryear Japanese Quartz watches, even the inner clasp of the bracelet is stamped!
Let's see how well it can be my Utility Companion!


Bruce said...


What do the 3 groups of 3 dots represent, do you know? Something to do with the time remaining?

Or are they just for decoration?

kohym said...

They are part of the 15-second counter I supposed. :)

kohym said...

Btw Bruce, I add your blog to my blog list! :)